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Our Factory Certified Technicians Install & Service Hand Controls, Foot Controls & other Driving Aids

Mobility One Transportation has certified & insured technicians installing Hand Controls, Foot controls, steering & extension devices.

Drivers who currently use specialized controls may have like equipment installed as long as the endorsement / restriction is listed on the reverse of their State-Issued Operator's License.

Installation of driver controls by new users requires training with a Driving Rehabilitation Specialist who will provide a "prescription" of recommended adaptive equipment. This guideline is in place to protect the driver and general public, by ensuring each user has been properly evaluated, trained, and tested to safely operate a vehicle with the specialized modifications. Once installed, a new user is required to test at their local DMV to have endorsement / restrictions listed on their Driver's License.

Cost of equipment and installation is unique to the year, make & model of the vehicle.With complete information, we are happy to provide custom written quotes

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Hand Controls

Hand controls allow you to drive your vehicle with hand controls rather...than using your feet. Hundreds of options for hand controls, driving aids and foot controls....